Mattea Perrota has had solo exhibitions at Lamb Arts in London and MAMA Gallery in both Madrid and Mexico City, a two-person exhibition at the Landing, and has appeared in group exhibitions in Istanbul, London, Melbourne, Vienna, Lima, São Paolo, Mexico City, and Bogotá. Perrotta’s abstract forms are a reflection of her own struggle to find balance between masculinity and femininity. Her work deals with desire, duality, and the unconscious, while capturing the ubiquitous form of the female body. Perrotta’s latest textiles are influenced by her time living in Tahannaout, Morocco, with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Perrotta is based in Los Angeles, where she was also born and raised. She has a BFA from UC Berkeley and studied at the Santa Reparta School of Art in Florence. She's attended residencies in Mallorca, London, Marrakech and Lisbon. Most recently, she attended the Porthmeor artist residency program in St. Ives, Cornwall.