Fred Reichman (1925-2005) had solo exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Art (1956, 1969), the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco (1960), and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (1974). His many gallery exhibitions include solo shows at Rose Rabow Gallery (1958-76) and Gallery Paule Anglim (1979, 1981) in San Francisco, and at Silvan Simone (1971, 1973) in Los Angeles. Reichman was born in Bellingham, Washington and spent a majority of his career in Northern California. He received both his MFA and BA from UC Berkeley. In a time when Abstract Expressionism was at its peak, Reichman chose to stay true to his own style, focusing on intimate spaces such as his kitchen, bedroom, or backyard. His paintings address the subtleties of domestic scenery in delicate, washed tones. Plants, pets, and furniture seemingly float across his soft, sparse backgrounds. Viewing his work today, it appears as timeless and as singular as it always has; his paintings are perpetually perfectly out of sync with the present.