Dilexi Gallery: Disparate Ontologies
Curated by Laura Whitcomb
June 22 – August 10, 2019

Opening reception Saturday, June 22, 6-9pm

Featuring artwork by:
John Altoon, Jeremy Anderson, Joel Barletta, Billy Al Bengston, John Chamberlain, William Dubin, Paul Feeley, Llyn Foulkes, Sidney Geist, Joe Goode, Sidney Gordin, Rodger Jacobsen, Norman Kanter, Leslie Kerr, Harry Kramer, Frank Lobdell, Alan Lynch, Philip Makanna, Robert Morris, Ed Moses, Ron Nagle, Irving Petlin, Raymond Rocklin, Hassel Smith, Sam Tchakalian, Horst Trave, H. C. Westermann, and Neil Williams

Films from the KQED Dilexi Series by:
Walter De Maria, Kenneth Dewey, Philip Makanna, Yvonne Rainer, and Andy Warhol

KCRW: All about Dilexi Gallery, 1958-1969

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